Bucket List For An Adult Student - Learning how to play piano has been on my "bucket list" for a while. I am thoroughly enjoying being an adult learner of piano at Shobo Music Academy. My teacher is a great instructor who is flexible with my work/travel schedule and more importantly patient with coaching me. In the last four months I have learned a great deal and have progressed. Here is to playing Christmas songs in 2014!
Maryellan Valaitais
We Love The Recital - My twelve year old daughter Nicole started her first guitar lesson at Shobo music last year. Her teacher is AWESOME and has inspired her to discover more of her musical abilities. He motivated her to become a great guitar player and she always looks forward going to his class. We love Shobo music. The staff is always on top of everything and very accommodating. I love the student recital that they do at the end of the semester because it doesn't only enable the students to share their talents but it also builds their self confidence as they perform in front of a huge crowd!
Theresa Gutierrez
My Young Daughter Has Come So Far - I have been taking my eight year old daughter for piano classes at Shobo for about 4 months and It has been a wonderful experience. She started of as complete beginner and it is amazing to think about how far she has come with Alan's help. I definitely would recommend Shobo Music to anyone.
Marie Felix
Top Notch Instructors - Shobo is a hidden gem of a music academy only minutes away from NYC! My sister and I went to this music school for years and loved every minute of it! This place has top notch instructors and a lot of variety available in what types of instruments and music styles you can study. Definitely would recommend!
Encouraging and Motivating - Alexis Brianna, who has been going to SHOBO for about a year now, started her piano lessons with a so-so attitude. But over time, with the encouragement of her teacher, Ms. Anna, and her patient and respectful approach to teaching, Alexis has come to take her lessons more seriously and with much interest. Every after lesson, I always ask Alexis how her time with Ms. Anna went and she always eagerly replied that Ms. Anna thought that she did well. Ms. Anna always has a nice, encouraging and motivating word for Alexis. Alexis comes from a family of music lovers and instrument players but it was through Ms. Anna that she got truly motivated to take her music lessons seriously. I highly recommend SHOBO Music School to music students and hope that the school recruits more instructors as competent and motivating as Ms. Anna.
Melanie Q Suzara
The Entire Team Is Fantastic - Great place to learn different musical instruments. My daughter has been going here for three years and is learning to play piano. The entire team is fantastic with a lot of patience and understanding. I highly recommend this school!
Anjali Gidwani

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